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Sunday, July 12, 2009

:JOKE: Mubarak in Hell

President Hosni Mubarak dies and goes to hell where he is greeted by the devil. The devil says to him, “Since you were a leader of a country for many years, I’ll allow you to choose which room you’re tortured in for the rest of eternity.”

Mubarak walks down a corridor with doors on either side, opens the first door and inquires what type of torture he would endure. The man at the door says, “You’re tortured for eight hours with burning flames, eight hours of hot oil and eight hours in boiling water.”

Thinking he should try his luck elsewhere, Mubarak opens each door on the corridor and finds similar replies.

He comes to the final door. The man says he will endure twelve hours of torture on a terrible looking machine, followed by another twelve hours in a burning tub of oil. Mubarak tells him that sounds terrible, and he thinks he’ll just stick with the first door he opened.

The man leans in and whispers, “No sir, this is the Egyptian room, the supplies of oil are never delivered on time and our torture machines never work.”


  1. LOL...well I think I know which one I would choose. LOL What torture rooms these are. Is there no way he could just say get it over with quickly LOL

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  2. Me, too! The question, though, is whether or not Mubarak is smart enough to figure it out himself, LOL! ;)

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