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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Small World Saturday #1: Home Sweet Home

This blog is about everything Egyptian and although Egypt’s history is long and her culture fascinating, she is but one nation in this world of ours that grows smaller with each day. Every Saturday, we’ll post a theme. Participants will post a picture, story, song, poem, recipe, craft project, piece of art – anything, really – that tells us something about your city/town, state/province, or country for that week's topic. Our hope is that through this weekly meme, we’ll learn more about our countries and cultures.

This week's theme is HOME SWEET HOME, so share something about the place you live.

Here are the rules:

1. Please keep your posts family friendly.

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Today's Scribe: Carleen

Our "home sweet home" is also our "home away from home." It's our business, which is located in Fullerton, California. The Amazing Egyptian Dude's family has been in the hookah manufacturing business for four generations now and when the craze hit the U.S. a few years ago, we decided to import them here. Over the years, we've added lots of other Egyptian products, and The Amazing Egyptian Dude and his sister even started a Widow's Co-Op to help poor widows with children earn a living with dignity (we supply them with craft materials, they make macrame bracelets and hand beaded belly dance belts that we buy from them for resale).

So here's how our "home away from home" works and looks.

It all starts with the arrival of one of these 40-foot containers in the Port of Los Angeles. After it clears U.S. Customs, we pay the very high import duties on the products inside, and they release it to us, the container is delivered to our warehouses in Fullerton.

Once the container is delivered to us, we have 24 hours to get it unloaded. If it takes us longer than that, we are charged $100 for every day that it takes us to get the boxes out. This is the reason that our business becomes our "home away from home" because, as you will see in the next photo, this 40-foot container is packed from floor-to-ceiling with more than 2,000 boxes, large and small, that we have to remove, open, inventory, and organize in our warehouses within 24 hours! During these times, we live at our business.

Can you see how tightly packed that sucker is? And notice, too, the different sizes of the boxes just in the front of the container? We get 3 or 4 of these containers each year.

When the boxes have been unloaded, opened, and the contents checked, we then shelf some of the items -- like the glass vases that you see here -- and label the boxes with a description of the contents before stacking them on the shelves.

This shot is of The Amazing Egyptian Dude during our first expansion when we combined our original warehouse with the one next door. That was another example of the business becoming our home away from home because we spent way too much time there then, too!

So what does your home sweet home look like?


  1. Wow...I never would have thought that so much work was involved with those containers. They are packed to the gills I tell ya. No wonder it's a home away from home. I bet you are glad that only happens 3 or 4 times a year. :) Aloha

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  2. I realize that I'm a day late, but I was captured by the premise of this meme. And I really liked learning about the craziness when you get a delivery.

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