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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Small World Saturday #2: Water

This blog is about everything Egyptian and although Egypt’s history is long and her culture fascinating, she is but one nation in this world of ours that grows smaller with each day. Every Saturday, we’ll post a theme. Participants will post a picture, story, song, poem, recipe, craft project, piece of art – anything, really – that tells us something about your city/town, state/province, or country for that week's topic. Our hope is that through this weekly meme, we’ll learn more about our countries and cultures.

This week's theme is WATER, so share something about an ocean, lake, river, pool, waterfall, the rain, water of any kind in your part of the world.

Next week's (8-15) theme: SCHOOL

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Today's Scribe: Iman

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My dad told me once about an old Egyptian proverb that says that anyone who drinks from the River Nile is destined to return to Egypt. There's a magic in Egypt that comes from the Nile, a magic that probably started that old proverb.

Without the River Nile, there would be no Egypt. The Nile is the life-blood of the entire country. Since the days of the pharaohs, Egyptians have relied on the Nile for farming and fishing. Egyptians eat LOTS of fish!

In the south, the area that Egyptians call Upper Egypt because that part is closer to the source of the river, the banks of the Nile are dotted with villages and farms. Cotton is Egypt's main export, and the best cotton in the world is fed by the water of the Nile River. If you've never slept on sheets made of Egyptian cotton, you don't know what you're missing!

The city of Cairo is built on both sides of the Nile, and there are several bridges across it so that you can get from one side to the other.

Unfortunately, rapid urbanization has turned Cairo into one of the smoggiest cities in the world. The photo above shows the city, on both banks of the Nile with a bridge in the distance, and what appears to be fog hanging overhead. Nope, that fog is actually smog. But that's a topic for another post!


  1. What a great river the Nile is. I'm only sorry that Cairo is so smoggy. I never knew that. I also didn't know that cotton was the big industry there. Excellent and thanks for sharing information on your part of the world :) Aloha

  2. I've heard about how the Nile feeds the farms and villages that boarder it, but I've never seen examples. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  3. Eek -- I see that the JS Kit has changed the comments, so I have to figure this one out. Sorry, Thom, but you're my guinea pig. :-D

    Because Cairo is nestled in a valley, is a large and overcrowded city, the smog has become a serious problem. The government has made some headway toward controlling it, but the beautiful skyline will forever be marred by it, I fear.

    One of these days, search online for Egyptian cotton sheets and see how expensive they are. I don't know what makes their cotton so much better than ours, but I can tell you that it really, really is. Sheets made from Egyptian cotton are unbelievably soft!


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