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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Revolutionary Tourist

Today's Scribe:

While the Amazing Egyptian Dude stayed home to run the business and feed my cats, I spent December and January in Egypt.  In spite of the doom and gloom news reports that permeate the media here in the States, I can honestly say that had I not watched the evening news in Cairo, I would have never known that the revolution was an on going thing.  Crazy drivers in unbelievable city traffic made me feel a heck of lot less safe than any would-be revolutionaries!

With tourism making up a significant portion of Egypt's currently crippled economy, I was thrilled to learn that the AED helped to boost it just a bit by arranging a Nile cruise for me and my niece, Basma, who was my travel companion on the trip.  Not only did we get to cruise down the Nile, we also had a private tour guide to show us all of the sights along the way!  Luxor and Aswan are definite must see destinations for anyone who visits Egypt, but plan to spend some extra time in Aswan as it is by far the more charming city of the two.  

One of the highlights of the trip was watching my nephew blossom into a photographer par excellence.  Ahmed bought a new high tech camera while I was in Cairo and with an incredible eye for detail, began producing some breathtaking photos like this one:

This is the oldest street in Cairo, and it also happens to be the one where Ali's family still lives.  It's still my very favorite place in all of Egypt.

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